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Garden Sculptures


About Garden Sculptures by Pam Foley

Original sculptures like these, handcrafted by UK artist Pam Foley, provide a sense of peace, comfort and tranquillity to any garden. They are first made with clay or plaster used to create a mould covered with silicone rubber. Resin is poured into the mould, and once it has hardened, the mould is removed to reveal the resin cast sculpture.



Most of the garden sculptures are made from resin. It is very durable and lightweight and is a suitable material for use outdoors. Many sculptures cast in resin are also available in bronze metal.



Resin is a durable material and can resist the elements, but it is still best to place your garden sculptures in the shade to protect them from the sun. If necessary, resin sculptures can be cleaned with water and scrubbed with a nylon brush to remove dirt and dust. 

Weights and Dimensions

Garden sculptures range in size from 40cm to 1.85m tall, and in price from £85 to £8,000 (wholesale, excluding postage and handling). The bronze sculptures range from 3kg to 17kg (not including packing materials).

Garden Sculpture by Artist Pam Foley Oxford / Northamptonshire UK
Artist Pam Foley Making a Garden Sculpture


A discussion can be arranged for collection if the garden sculpture is in stock and you live nearby my studio. A quote for shipment will be provided prior to purchase. If a sculpture is not in stock, then it can take 3 - 4 months to make it.

How the sculptures are made

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