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Banbury, February 2007


Cherwell District Council commissioned two bas relief designs, which comprise the 4 sides of a planter. CIS Foundry in Derbyshire cast the 46 planters in iron, which were placed in and around Banbury town centre in July, where they will remain indefinitely.


The two designs are:

•‘Sun on Stone’ – the modified Sun in Splendour, the heraldic symbol of Banbury, rests on a stone wall background, made by impressing local hornton stone into clay.

•‘Map’ – main streets of Banbury with suggested spots where previous Banbury ‘Crosses’ may have stood. In addition, as the history of Banbury goes back to Roman times (evidenced by several Roman Ways), the crosses could also connote well-known ancient crossways. The four corners contain known images long associated with Banbury:  the heraldic sun, the hobby horse, the ‘fine lady’s rings for her fingers’ from the well known nursery rhyme, and a canal boat.

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