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WEATHERING CHANGE: investigating geology, texture and form

OXFORD, 2004


I was one of the first artists to have a residency in the newly created Oxfordshire Visual Arts Development Agency (OVADA).

I used horton stone from the local Wroxton quarry to shape and incorporate into abstract sculptures. The results focused on natural weathering and erosion found in the countryside. Sizes ranged from 30cm to 2 meters tall. 


I constructed  and creatied throughout December and allowed members of the public to inquire, comment, suggest and inform the sculptures, to further a dialogue about contemporary sculpture between traditional arts practitioners and myself. 

Ripple by Pam Foley
Into thin air by Pam Foley
Sea Mammal by Pam Foley
The Snare by Pam Foley
Suspension of Time by Pam Foley
Talisman by Pam Foley
Rollright Change by Pam Foley
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