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Sculptures for Sale


About the sculpture for sale

All of the sculptures for sale on are unique. Some, such as the sculptures in resin, are hand-made by the artist Pam Foley. The bronze metal sculptures are produced at the Talos Foundry with the patination on some by Pam. Pam Foley works as a sculptor, teacher, workshop facilitator, arts organiser and consultant and has 30 years of experience in sculpture and ceramics.

Pam makes limited edition abstract sculpture. Her limited edition sculptures are a contemporary synthesis of traditional representations of the human form. Abstraction from the human figure is a consistent theme in her work.

Sculpting primarily in clay or plaster, and then casting limited editions in bronze metal and in iron or marble resin, she aims to evoke certain emotions and experiences through sculpture, commonly solitude and sorrow.

Sculpture For Sale By Artist Pam Foley Oxford / Northamptonshire UK

Artist statement

"The three-dimensional beauty of line, shape and form excite my senses.


I refine and simplify sculptural forms through the tactile senses until they express the idea or emotion I am trying to represent.


My creative process is a constant journey of discovery for myself and for the viewer of my artwork.

Sculptures For Sale By Artist Pam Foley Oxford / Northamptonshire UK

In some of my work, particularly within my Routes of Sorrow project, I'm interested in combining 'women's work', like sewing and knitting, with more traditional sculptural techniques.


I gained insight into the balance, poise, line and energy of the human body through anatomy lessons and dance and gymnastics classes."

How the sculptures are made

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