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Routes of Sorrow is a decade plus long combined arts project exploring loss and sorrow. It has been developed in five phases and is intended as an educational and therapeutic resource for people working in the caring professions, as well as for other artists, academics, and members of the public. Watch the video to find out more. 

The five phases of the project are as follows:

Phase 1 – Routes of Sorrow – Triptych of paintings, bas relief, and objects (funding from the Westhill Foundation), first exhibited at Inter-Action, Milton Keynes, 2013.

Exhibited at Oxford’s Kicking the Bucket Festival in 2014 and 2016. Click here to listen to an interview about it with Daily Info. 

Exhibited at two St Andrews Healthcare Centres Northampton and Birmingham, 2015.


Phase 2 – Routes of Sorrow: Triggers – Added three wall hangings  and OXUS sound piece to enhance the emotional experience (ACE funded). It was shown in its entirety at Northampton Project Space and in part at Bristol’s When Death Comes exhibition, The Island Gallery, Bristol, 2015. 

Phase 3 – Routes of Sorrow: Floating  Three new sculptures, commissioned OXUS/dance 
collaboration called Carrying / Shedding, panel discussion. (ACE funded) exhibited at Ark-T Centre in East Oxford. Listen to my interview with BBC Radio Oxford’s Sophie Law about this phase
  here,  or read about it in the Oxford Times here 3 October 2019.


Phase 4 – books:  The State as Carer: One Family's Experience with Chapter 766. Published 2022.

Another book coming soon: Strong for a Bird – Published text with relevant images.


Phase 5 – Routes of Sorrow: the Phoenix from the Flame artwork.  January 2025 St John's College Oxford.

RoS BBC Radio Oxford 13 Oct 2019
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