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Bronze Metal Sculptures by Pam Foley

To make a bronze metal art sculpture, the artist first makes an original sculpture in clay or plaster. From the original, a mould is made, into which foundry wax is poured. With the help of Talos Art Foundry, the mould is then made into a bronze sculpture. The staff at Talos Art Foundry is very knowledgeable, and Pam has worked with them for several years.


Caring for the artwork


A bronze is a living artwork. It is best for the bronze surface if it is permitted to be in an environment where the air is constantly moving. The surface of the sculpture can be preserved through the application of light wax. 

Bronze Metal Art Sculpture by Artist Pam Foley (Oxford UK)

A bronze metal art sculpture can be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. It is recommended that (once a year) you wipe the surface gently to check for any signs of change. Using a clean, dry paintbrush to wipe the dust from textured areas can be quite useful. Buff the sculpture with a soft, clean cloth. Never use household cleaners or furniture polishes that have cleaning agents in them. 




Whenever possible, the artwork should be seen in person before purchasing. Please arrange a studio visit by contacting me. Two-dimensional images often cannot convey how a sculpture feels in an environment. Since it takes up space, it needs to be experienced differently from an image resting on a wall. 

Delivery details


If the sculpture is in stock and you live near my studio, we can discuss the possibility of a collection. Unless the bronze metal sculpture is already made, the working time from the start of the process to completing the sculpture is 1 - 3 months. 

Ask the artist


Let's have a phone call or a Zoom session to go over details and to see where the piece will reside. Contact me →


How the sculptures are made

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